Tuesday, July 26, 2011


DON’T CALL US “GEEZERS.” According to a national survey of 100 journalists who cover aging related issues, “older adults” is the preferred term to describe people in later life -- individuals otherwise known as senior citizens, seniors, the aging or aged, elderly, geezers, old-timers, over-the-hill, old farts.

Some of these terms are generational. “Seniors” is acceptable to most of the Silent Generation, less so to the Boomer Generation. But “aged” and some of the others are simply, sadly ageist. Older adult qualifies an individual’s age (as compared to a younger adult), rather than placing a label on him or her – especially one that infers a negative stereotype such as frailty or senility.

Aging is an all-inclusive process. Everyone is aging; some of us (older adults) just have more experience than others. Read Media Takes: On Aging to learn more. Order from Aging Services of California or the International Longevity Center.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


"THRILL OF A LIFETIME." The great thing about a “thrill of a lifetime”: It is ageless. The ultimate, life-enriching experience can be grandiose or deeply personal. Regardless, each thrill generates anticipation, excitement, satisfaction and great memories.

Eskaton’s Thrill of a Lifetime initiative fulfills about two-dozen thrills a year for its residents. Harriet Antonides became a Girl Scout on her 100th birthday. April Smith went whitewater rafting. Mino Ohye was reunited with his brother in Japan from whom he was separated during WWII.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


CAUSE MARKETING’S GOLDEN RULE. “Do for others as you would have them do for you.” The Golden Rule. Profoundly simple, yet as difficult to follow as the speed limit or a Charlie Kauffman film. The success of most all public-service campaigns and cause marketing endeavors comes down to how effectively they generate empathy. And not from those of like mind, but from the rest of us who don’t think we have a vested interest in the cure or solution or benefits.

About preventing criminal behavior, the ancient Greek philosopher Solon eloquently warned, “There can be no justice until those of us who are unaffected by crime become as indignant as those who are.”

Advice for public relations professionals, use the “science of artful communication” to make The Golden Rule relevant and contemporary.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


ESKATON IS A “BLUE ZONE.” Northern Californians could be closer than most to discovering the secret to longevity. “Blue Zone” is the term a National Geographic explorer Dan Buettner uses to describe a handful of aging-friendly locations around the world. These are places where inhabitants live longer, healthier … and happier.

One village of 2,500 in Sardinia, for example, has four centenarians – “a staggering number, given that the ratio of centenarians in the U.S. is roughly one per 5,000,” Buettner notes.

Impressed? Then consider this: Among its 3,500 residents Eskaton boasts at least three-dozen people 100-years of age and older, which makes the ratio of centenarians within Eskaton’s “Blue Zone” 50 times greater than in the general population.
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