Tuesday, March 27, 2012


STUDENTS TAKE WELL TO AGING EXPERIENCE. If three first-semester nursing students from California State University, Sacramento who recently volunteered at an Eskaton assisted living and memory care community are an indication, the future of aging services is in good hands.

The students’ follow-up letter to Eskaton acknowledges the quality of aging services today. But just as importantly, these future nurses’ enthusiasm offers encouragement for how we are inspiring a new workforce.

Their letter begins: “THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunity you gave to me and my friends today. Volunteering at Eskaton was not only fun, interesting and sometimes even challenging, but it was also a great learning experience for us first semester nursing students.”

About their staff guide, the volunteers wrote: “She really took her time with the Eskaton residents and provided a nurturing environment that made it feel like it was an Eskaton family. We really felt the caring energy radiate from her.”

The students’ letter concludes: “Your staff and residents have made our volunteer opportunity at Eskaton an unforgettable experience, and we are looking forward to coming back for the summer.”

“Welcome home to Eskaton.” And, “Welcome home to a new aging experience and great learning opportunity.

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