Tuesday, November 20, 2012


ASSISTED LIVING: FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE IS SECOND TO NONE. Visit an assisted living community and most likely your experience will at once inspire confidence and dispel some preconceptions. This said, it is important to enter the discovery process with an open frame of mind. Of course, timing is everything. Your physician and other healthcare providers, and family members and friends can encourage you to make the best choices about your living conditions, but you should be prepared to make the final call.
Plenty of useful information and resources are available by phone (866-ESKATON) and online (www.eskaton.org as well as dozens of government and nonprofit websites, and impartial referral sources). Eskaton is also at your assistance with its team of care advisors and its Home Support Network resource center. And, of course, the executive directors and sales counselors for each of Eskaton’sassisted living communities (not “facilities” or “institutions”) always appreciate the opportunity to welcome prospective residents for a visit.
Above all else, your visit, including conversations with current residents and staff, will make all the difference in choosing where and when assisted living is right for you. As a result of first-hand experience, all of the benefits listed here truly make sense.
Assisted living offers residents a respectful balance between private, personal space and the community’s social environment.
By comparison, the monthly rates for assisted living are similar to the aggregate expenses of owning a home. Plus, there’s no upkeep and surprise repair costs.
Assisted living is a healthy consideration, not a concession. A lifestyle choice to enhance personal well-being, independence, socialization and convenience is a good thing.
Professional caregiving strengthens (refocuses) the family dynamic. Residents become more comfortable living with health conditions and limitations when assisted by professionals rather than “imposing” on family and friends. Most importantly, assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) is always personal, respectful, convenient and healthy.
Research proves that socialization is much healthier than isolation. Activities and entertainment choices seem to expand to fill the time allocated to them.
Restaurant-style dining features healthy, nutritious meals, often including locally-grown produce; with most meals offered throughout the day.
Residents keep better connected than ever with family and friends. Eskaton’s free Wi-Fi, custom eLiving network and “Keep Connected” online video support for new residents encourage regular communication.
Services enhance residents’ independence and minimize dependency on others. Residents enjoy the conveniences of hosted dining, scheduled transportation, regular housekeeping and reliable medication management, among the services.
Forget bingo; activity calendars are filled with wellness classes, computer workshops, arts and crafts, cultural events and entertainment, intergenerational activities and much more.
Eskaton offers a range of living options if you decide you need more -- or less -- support. Independent living with services, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, Dawn of a New Day Memory Care, respite, home healthcare and adult day healthcare, among other choices, Eskaton’s comprehensive network is fully integrated to best support changing health needs.
During your visit to an Eskaton community, you may also notice -- or be sure to ask about -- the special initiatives that truly demonstrate and distinguish Eskaton’s commitment to transforming the aging experience.
Kids Connection partners residents with local elementary school students to read, write, laugh and enjoy one another’s company.
Thrill of a Lifetime makes dreams come true for residents. For example, among the nearly 100 Thrills already produced, one resident became a Girl Scout at 100, another received her first-ever bouquet of flowers, and several have been reunited with long-lost family members.
Urban gardens offer residents the opportunity to nurture and enjoy truly locally grown produce.
Veterans appreciation events and holiday celebrations honor Eskaton’s several hundred vets.
Centenarian celebrations highlight Eskaton’s proud claim to be the “Official Sponsor of Longevity.” More than three-dozen healthy centenarians living with Eskaton celebrate their 100+ birthdays each year.
YOU’RE WELCOME. Call 866-ESKATON (866-375-2866) or any Eskaton community directly to schedule a visit today (weekdays and weekends, too) to experience Eskaton.

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  1. I think the assisted living is good choice to live at the end of life where one can enjoy to the core. When you are weak physically the assisted living community gives you support from every aspect. This is the coolest place to live at the old age.